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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Farm Boy Learns About Rub Down, Part Two" by Jay Roberts Gay College and Rural"Farm Boy Learns About Rub Down, Part Two" by Jay Roberts Gay Rural and
CollegeNote to Readers: I have pulled the oldest writers trick on you and I do
apologize, but you were fooled the way so many boys were, by the Farm Boy's
pretended innocense. He knew that every boy longed for a break
in and teach. Clem pretended with his innocent eyes wide open because he
knew...IT WORKED.
We left him with his practiced farm boy hand exciting those lovely hanging balls
of Perry, the therapist who was rapidly sinking under the farm lolita pic message boards boy's spell."Please let me up and I'll give you a chit for five free massages.""Uh uh," said Clem giving a little swing to the scrotum."Next he began a slow ass hole play, running his cheeky finger around and around
the puckered outside. Soon Perry felt as if he was being drawn into a maelstrom
of desire so powerful that it was getting difficult to deny it.Clem was remembering those nights with his brother, a year and a half older, the
way his lazy brother would trade sex favors for Clem to do his chores. Clem
enjoyed a hot blow job about three times a week and at last he held out for the
permission to enter the older boy's hot ass passage. Ever after that, the older boy
asked for it, with no need for a trade. Right now Clem's fat cock was waiting to
enter the slim Perry's guarded entry. Yeah, Perry was holding the entrance as
tight as he could as he almost wept for fear and frustration.Clem tried a finger enter but the doorway might as well have had a sign: "NO
ENTRY!"Clem grinned. He had encountered a reluctant ass hole before, there was that
swimmer kid in high school and also, for that matter, the swimming coach. Each
fell like a stalk of wheat when he did what followed. He formed his hand into a
claw and raked the soft bony sides of the lad beneath him. Instantly Perry let out
a loud "Heh, heh," then a peal of many "heh hehs," followed by loud "Hah hahs"
inb between he cursed the farm boy for discovering his weakness. Perry both
hated being tickled and yet longed for it. Often when jerking off, he would tickle
himself into organism.As Clem continued his relentless stroking of Perry's sides and waist, he noted that
Perry's ass hole was no long pulled tight. In fact, with every giggle it lolita cp boys preteen was pushing
out like he was trying to shit. Clem jabbed this young guy's sides sharply and then
pushed forward so that his fat agricultural cock slid in to Clem's pubes.At the same time he stopped tickling. Perry let out a surprised, "Oh," and his
body began to relax. Clem smiled as he felt the therapist push back slightly."Ya lak it, right?"With a choked voice, Perry said, "Don't just stay frozen like a stupid yahoo, move
it around." but he could hardly finish his as Clem began a steady pounding. Oh
how he loved this, the feeling of his cock being caressed by hot passage walls and
the ecstatic"Yur feeling it, ain't you, Mr. Perry? It's good, huh?"By this time Perry was in full rhythm with the farm boy. They were a two-headed
fuck machine that was running perfectly. Clem was grunting like a pig along with
Perry's cries of passion.Perry croaked, "Going to shot soon."Clem knew the signs from the activity with others. Perry's body began to become
heavy and it was hard for him to move, suddenly, his head stretched up and his
body locked and it began. He shook and jumped like a bull entering the ring.
Then Clem felt the clamping and unclamping of the dude's ass ring, rubbing and
massaging his stiff cock.With perfect control Clem held off, holding on to the leaping Perry until he
finished. He pulled out with a pop sound and Perry lay, ass hole still wide open,
panting and sweating."Did you enjoy that, Mr. Perry. I know I surely did. You have the best ass hole in
the county."Perry felt completely defeated but the fuck was fabulous. He was half in love with
the boy who had conquered him. He mumbled, "Kiss." and Clem leaned over and
gave his hottest hiss to Perry. When they parted, Perry was amazed to release
that he was getting hard again. This boy was like a habit-forming drug. He
looked down at Clem's crotch and called out. "You poor sweet boy, you're stiff as
a board and old Perry was so selfish getting his jollies. Do you want one of my
famous rub offs?"The farm boy's eyes narrowed with beginning passion and desire. "Oh Mr. Perry,
I am sure in a sorry state. I sure cain't go back to the "Log Cabin" lak this, but...""But what?""I don't hanker for a rub off, I need a bit more.""More?""Yessir, my sweet brother used to suckle me when I was so stiff-like. Can you do
that?""Well, I specialize in rub downs and rub offs, I never, ever do oral sex.""That no is comin' from a guy who was jes fucked. I don't more no sense. Now
fella, you jes get to it and right now."That "now" was said with great force and Perry jumped from the realization that
he had no alternative. He leaned down to Clem. Clem's cock seemed to rise even
further to touch the tall fellow's full lips. The lips opened, saliva dripped and he
took the farm boy's fat cock head into his mouth.Clem signed loudly. "That's real good, yur makin' friends, now git all boys lolita top that hot tongue
out and lip it lak a tit."Perry was embarrassed and a bit reluctant to bent to the beautiful boy's will but
something in him found his subservience again, that compliant part of him that
evidenced itself when he being fucked. He opened his mouth and let the boy's
prick slide onto his tongue and back into his throat. He closed his lips and
swallowed. Clem said, "Oh yessir, that's the way to git my milk. Now make
believe you have to fill the tin pail."Perry was now there to serve. He began to love that role. He closed his eyes and
reverently sucked and licked at the same time. Clem was now under the spell of
passion. He face was scarlet and nudisme lolita teen child it was spreading down his muscular smooth
chest. He began sighing and moaning like a baby calf. He patted Perry's head like
he was a pet dog. Perry was so proud he was bring goo feelings to Clem.
Perry's mind had only one goal, to make Clem happy and to bring him to a great
finish. He sucked with a purpose and took the boy's smooth large ball sac in his
big and stroked in unison with his sucking.Clem was now grunting and his hips were going into a slight fuck motion. Perry
took the base of the fat cock and stroked it at the lolitas top 100 preteens same time, adding an irresistible
stimulation. That had an effect. Clem's cock began issuing sweet pre cum and
tasty rural dew drove Perry into greater effort. He was humming lolitas nn manias link and moaning
over his job and the farm boy was leaping now and shouting with helplessness
before his impending cum.Almost as if time was suspended, Clem frozen, then began mewling like a baby as
his orgasm captured him. Perry had to swallow and swallow as sweet cum
cascaded into his mouth. small lolita schoolgirls nude Clem was shuddering and farting as the grip of his
powerful orgasm peaked.At last he quieted down. Perry felt the big organ soften and then the head retract
and then it fell from his mouth. He signed with disappointment, but sat up to
check out his partner.Clem's eyes were still half shut and swollen from his cum but he smiled with his
perfect teeth and stroked Perry's cheek...possessively. "You done real good.
Better'n this my brother. I gotta git dressed and back to the cabin but don't forgit
how to do this, I might need it agin."He swiftly dressed and was out of the clinic leaving the dazed therapist lolita cp boys preteen wondering
how his "doctor hand" routine had failed and he himself had been fucked and
gave head.Clem, a small smile on his face, walked briskly back across the campus. On the
way he encountered Wally, who asked, "How was your rub down.""It wuz mighty good and I have no leg cramp now, but I'm powerful tired."Wally's eyes did what they always did. He couldn't control it. He checked out
Clem's bulge and was pleased to see that it was sure in evidence. "You feeling
sexy roommate?""I guess a bit. That rubdown sort of got me thinkin' bout sex."Wally rubbed his hands happily. "Suppose we get into our beds and maybe I can
show you what a rub off is."Clem nodded his head innocently. "I'd me mighty bliged to learn bout that,
friend." He put his warm arm around his cabin mate and they headed to the large
community dorm. Wally's cock was up and stiff, he couldn't wait to make a move
on the pretty farm boy.End of Part Two

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